What our franchisees have to say...

Kay Holland
Owner, Bop's Frozen Custard
Starkville, Mississippi

I think I have loved food service my entire life. I remember as a little girl "running a restaurant" with all my play dishes in my grandmother's dining room. After attending Mississippi State University and completing my degree in Real Estate and Mortgage Finance I became a banker for several years and then became a stay-at-home mom. As my oldest son approached college age I was able to work part-time in a wonderful position at MSU doing lots of programs for the staff members - of course food was always involved. During the same time a close friend of mine began a catering business I was drawn further into the food world working with her. After 10 years at MSU I knew God had a change for me but I never dreamed it would be owning my own business. Jimmy Eckford, our franchise owner, had been a family friend for years and it didn't take him long to sell my husband and me on Bop's. We opened his first franchise store in May of 2004. In the beginning we had our own 3 teenagers all working in the store - it was very much a family affair. Probably one of my favorite parts of Bop's is still the young people we employ and watching our crews become like a family.

After 10 years would I do it again - absolutely! Bop's in a household name both in Starkville and on the Mississippi State campus and our customers always leave smiling. I love the flexibility of owning my own business and who doesn't love frozen custard!

Scott Martin
Owner, Bop's Frozen Custard
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

I worked in restaurants while attending college. My first job out of school was with a national food-service provider in logistics, warehousing, and in the field as a sales rep. This experience helped me develop a passion for food and a desire to own my own business. Joining the Bop's family was the perfect opportunity for me to accomplish this goal. An owner operator was really the only thing left for me to do.

Owning my own franchise of Bop's Frozen Custard has been a truly wonderful experience. I really enjoy my job now. You get the fulfillment of personal ownership along with constant support from our corporate office. From the first meeting, all the way to opening day, they have always been there for me when I needed them. If I need anything, I know the help is there for me and that means a lot.

Frozen Custard is a gourmet ice cream treat which first originated in Coney Island, New York, as a carnival treat at the turn-of-the-century. The popularity of the Frozen Custard quickly grew and was the rage of the East Coast. Frozen Custard could be found at many East Coast resort areas. Many travelers had the chance to taste the new sensation and it quickly spread to the Midwest. Milwaukee is currently considered the "Custard Capital of the World". The enjoyment of Frozen Custard was taken by "Snowbirds" to winter resort havens. The result, shops had to satisfy these customers. The popularity of Frozen Custard is spreading into other regions of the country as well. In order for a frozen dessert to be considered a frozen custard it must contain a certain percentage of egg yolk and butterfat.